Carbon County School Dist. #2
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Activity Sponsor
Art Ms. Noel Shepard
Class of 2018 (Seniors) Mr. Karim Bekka
Mrs. Mary Graves
Class of 2019 (Juniors) Mrs. Heather Biggs
Mr. Kegan Willford
Class of 2020 (Sophomores) Mr. Clint Bromley
Mrs. Cheryl Munroe
Class of 2021 (Freshmen) Mrs. Deb Burke
Mr. Matt Shelby
Class of 2022 (Eighth) Mrs. Gail Lee
Mr. Robby Follum

Class of 2023 (Seventh) Mr. Rick Martin
Mrs. Leslie McLinskey
Concessions Ms. Cheryl Blake
E-Club Mr. Clint Bromley
English Mrs. Leslie McLinskey
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Mrs. Cheryl Munroe
FFA Mr. Clint Bromley
Foreign Language Ms. Heather Biggs
Mathematics Mr. Karim Bekka
Music Mr. Robby Follum
National Honor Society Mr. Rick Martin
Physical Education Mr. Matt Shelby
ProStart Mrs. Cheryl Munroe
Science Mrs. Mary Graves
Special Education Ms. Cheryl Blake
Ms. Robin Brown
Mrs. Gail Lee
Student Council Mrs. Deb Burke
Social Studies Mr. Kegan Willford
Yearbook Mrs. Brooke Seitz