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dfHathaway Scholarship

 The Hathaway scholarships are intended to present a motivation for Wyoming students to plan and pursue post-secondary education within the State of Wyoming.

Application Procedure

As a student you will need to apply directly to the Wyoming community college that you are attending (*needs to be an eligible school) or the University of Wyoming (click on the links to view Hathaway information for each institution).

You can fill out the application for Hathaway at the time you apply for admission or you can wait and apply prior to the beginning of the semester you plan to attend college.


You must ask your counselor for a transcript and submit your most current transcript with cumulative GPA and ACT (if applicable - SAT or WorkKeys scores) to the community college that you are applying to or the University of Wyoming.

The final scholarship eligibility is determined by the college or university and will be official after your final transcript has been submitted to them post graduation.

Helpful Links to Hathaway Information:

Need additional help? Contact the Mr Ward.