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Classified Staff Application Process

Step 1 - Application Process

Individuals seeking employment must submit a completed application along with a personal resume. It is the applicant's responsibility to contact the Human Resources Department to submit a completed application prior to the closing date.

Step 2 - Paper Screening

All complete applications are reviewed to determine how the applicant rates according to the specific criteria created by the administrator who posted the open position. The final ratings determine who is interviewed for a specific position.

Step 3 - Interviews

Interviews are scheduled with those applicants who most closely met the criteria. These interviews are most likely with the administrator and can include staff at the individual site where the vacancy exists. Candidates may be asked to interview for different positions at different times as a result of this process.

Step 4 - Recommendation

After the interview process, the administrator will recommend to the Superintendent the person who is best matched for the position. Individuals not recommended for a specific vacancy will be considered for other positions they have indicated interest in, while their application remains on file for one year from the date it is received. If you would like your application to remain active for the following year, you must request in writing that it remain active, or complete a new application.