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Parent / Community Survey Regarding Budget Decisions

As most of you are aware, the State of Wyoming is facing a shortfall in funding this year due to the recent downturn in the mineral industry.  There are several bills that are moving through the legislature, most of which will require substantial budget cuts for Carbon School District #2.  We do not know the exact severity of the cuts, and probably won’t know the amount until the current legislative session closes (March 3rd). However, since we cannot wait that long to begin working on our budget, I am releasing this survey to give any Parent or Community Member who wishes to give input the ability to do so.

This survey requires your name and community and/or the school which your student attends.  It also allows for comments after each item and a general comment box at the end.  Basically, you are asked to rate certain items in importance from your perspective.  Your input will be considered as we move forward to complete a budget.  If there are major cuts required, some will likely touch personnel and programs.  I am hoping that we will not have to make painful cuts, but I want to be ready just in case.  Thanks for your time and support as we work through this challenging time.