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Ten Practices of Successful People


Many of us go through our lives, envious of our neighbor’s success— not knowing all the failures and hard work they put in. Successful people always seem to ‘have their act together’, while we’re just struggling to get through our day. Are they just lucky? Intelligent? Born with a silver spoon? No, success is not limited to your race, IQ level, or the size of your bank account. So while there’s no proven formula, there’s no denying people that we admire share certain traits that helped them get ahead.

1. Read. A Lot.

Think book nerds are losers? It’s quite the opposite, actually. Last I checked, they rule the world. Reading helps you learn from the mistakes and successes of others.  Instead of just diving in; relying on your guts and motivation to lead you, reading gives you a mental map to bypass rookie mistakes people make in life.

2. Organizing Lessons Learned for Future Application 

You read a wonderful book and highlight tons of passages. You’re excited to apply what you just learned. Then a few days (or weeks) pass and you forget the quotes, insights and ideas you just learned.  Adopt or create a plan to keep this information at your fingertips, you never know when it will help you.


3. Wake Up Early

Waking up early isn’t an easy habit to cultivate, though. I suggest you experiment with different techniques, but in general, the most effective ones are:

4. Get Your Rear off the Couch

Successful people have all the resources they’ll ever need to keep themselves fit and healthy. They can afford liposuction, Botox and spa retreats. And yet exercise is still a part of their daily habits. Why? Yes, exercise keeps you fit and all that, but it also keeps your brain healthy, minimizes stress, and improves memory. In fact, using ‘too much work’ as an excuse not to exercise is counterproductive. Studies show that exercise can boost creativity and productivity and it makes you smarter, too.

5. Train the Muse, Think, and Ruminate in the mind not the stomach.

What separates professionals from wannabes? Pros work, even when they don’t feel like it. E.B. White, author of Charlotte’s Web, famously said, “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” That applies to us all, whatever your occupation is. Next time you don’t feel like working, keep calm and use the Force.  And by that, I mean, force yourself to work for just 15 minutes then see what happens. Usually, those 15 minutes will be enough to give you some momentum.

If that doesn’t work, spend 30 minutes breaking down the task into its basic components, and then do the items one at a time until you finish the whole task.

6.  Quiet Your Thinking Brain -- Meditate

Studies suggest meditation alleviates anxiety, pain and prevent depression.  It can also improve your ability to focus instead of getting overwhelmed with everything that’s happening around you. Unfortunately, quieting the mind doesn’t come as naturally to many of us. So for beginners, you can create the habit of meditating by concentrating on your breath for 3-5 minutes.

7. Minimize Distractions - Checking Emails (and Social Media) have taken over our lives- Only check Twice a Day

Tim Ferris is famous for suggesting this in his book, the 4-Hour Work Week. Reading and answering emails doesn’t make you productive. If anything, you’re just being responsive. To minimize distractions, it is recommended to checking email twice a day: after you’ve completed at least one critical item in your to-do list, and once more before the end of your workday.

8. Donate

Successful people allot time to give back to their community by working with charities, volunteering and donating. Tom Corley, author of Wealthy Habits: The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals, states that 73% of the 233 wealthy people he studied for 5 years volunteer 5+ hours a month. Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, all donate to different causes. Not rich? No problem. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, help at the nursing home, or teach kids to read. Many times, your time and the pleasure of your company is enough.

9. Deliberate Practice and Hard Work

Serena Williams wakes up at 6 AM to practice tennis, and she’s been doing that since she was a kid.  Even her after-school routine revolved around practicing the sport. Dallas Mavericks owner and famous Shark investor, Mark Cubin, didn’t take a vacation for seven years when his company was just starting up. That’s dedication.

You can find shortcuts for everything in life, but you can never sidestep the hard work required to build the foundation of your goals.

10. Don’t Break the Chain!

Have you ever heard of the calendar method? Get a big calendar and a red marker, then mark “X” on each day you work on your goal or habit. In two weeks, you’ll have a long chain showing your progress. It will motivate you to keep going, too.


The last piece of advice is “Don’t Get Too Excited!”

Don’t apply all these habits at once. That will drive you crazy. Instead, pick the easiest habit for you, and then do it for 3-6 months until it becomes a natural part of your routine, pick another one. Use the 1st habit as an anchor to prompt you into doing the new habit you’re trying to master. For example, if the first habit you mastered is waking up early and now you’re trying to exercise regularly.     Your habit formula can look like this: After I wake up at 6 AM, I will jog for 30 minutes. This works well because waking up early is strongly programmed into your brain’s neurons, so stacking another habit to it leverages the existing neuron’s fast and steady connection. As you go into the next stage of your life, remember what it takes to be successful and because winning the lotto isn’t working for most of us.   Congratulations Class of 2015.


Principal Position Filled 

Welcome to Principal Butler

Carbon County School District #2 is excited to welcome LINDA BUTLER as the new Saratoga Middle/High School Principal for 2015-2016. The Selection Committee, Staff, and Community Members were unanimous in their recommendations.  We look forward to welcoming Linda Butler and her family to our community!  She is coming to us from Carbon County School District #1 where she has several roles:  Interim Rawlins HS Assistant Principal, District School Improvement Specialist, District Data Coordinator, and Director or English Language Learner Services.  Her husband Dan is a graduate of SHS.  They have twins who will be second graders and a 3-year old to keep them busy.    




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