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Parent Notification - School Bus Cameras on CCSD#2 buses (12.11.15)

The State of Wyoming has required the installation of video/audio cameras on school buses. Carbon County School District #2 will complete our installation process by 12.13.15. We are beginning to use the camera systems immediately upon installation on each bus. There are 7 cameras total, 4 on the inside and 3 on the outside. These cameras can record both what is said and done on the bus. The video/audio cameras will be used to monitor student behavior to maintain order on the school buses to promote and maintain a safe environment. Students and parents are hereby notified that the content of the tapes may be used in a student disciplinary proceeding. The contents of the tapes are confidential student records and will be safeguarded. Tapes will be retained, only if necessary, for use in a student disciplinary proceeding or other matters as determined necessary by the administration. In addition, the 3 outside cameras will record loading and unloading and also the license plates of any vehicles that violate the blinking lights at bus stops. These systems will improve student security and safety on our school buses.

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