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Special Education

Dear parents, students, staff, and community members,

Carbon County School District #2 is committed to providing excellent specialized instruction and related services to all students identified with disabilities in our K-12 school system.  We currently serve approximately 135 students with individualized educational programs each year.  Services are provided in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) 2015.  Every school has highly qualified educators dedicated to implementing appropriate programs.  Related service providers are shared across our district.

Approximately 92% of our students are served within the regular class 80% of more of the school day.  Our percent of youth with IEPs dropping out of high school was 0% for the 2013-2014 cohort group.  All of our students have participated in the state assessments, and we continue to work toward raising the proficiency rate in all of our students.

I have found my passion and commitment to special education for over 30 years.  If I can be of assistance or answer any questions involving special education in our district, please contact me at any time. 


Debra Riker
Special Education Director
307-326-5271, ext. 110
Carrie Craig
Administrative Assistant
307-326-5271, ext. 103

Related Service Providers

Educational Diagnostician Debra J. Riker
Occupational Therapists Carla Johnson Hanna, Elk Mountain,
Medicine Bow
Sarah Johansson Encampment, Saratoga
Physical Therapist Nathan Tanner
Speech Language Pathologists Samantha Sloan Hanna, Elk Mountain,
Medicine Bow
Brooke Powell Saratoga
Gerry Vagt Encampment, Saratoga
Social Worker Kimberly Preletz
Board Certified Behavior Analyst Bohdanna Popowycz
Clinical Psychologist Doug Scambler


Wyoming Department of Education Procedural Safeguards - English, Spanish

Tuition Reimbursement for Special Education and Related Endorsement

If you have questions regarding tuition reimbursement for Special Education, contact Deb Riker.