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Information for district teachers and staff


Date / Time Event Location
Sept. 6 Teacher In-Service Saratoga
K-5 Teachers PVCC Great Room
8:00 AM Journeys Follow up training (All Day)
Teachers need to bring:
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Teacher Edition for the current Unit
  • Professional Learning Guide Booklet from the Getting Started training
  • Class list of their students
  • Think Central teacher username and password
  • Laptop & charger
11:00 AM Lunch SM/HS Multi-Purpose Room
  Continue Journeys Training PVCC Great Room
3:00 PM Depart  
6-8 ELA Teachers PVCC Shively Room
8:00 AM Collections Follow up Training (All Day)
Teachers need to bring:
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Performance Assessment Booklet
  • Teacher Edition of Collections
  • Laptop & charger
11:00 AM Lunch SM/HS Multi-Purpose Room
  Continue Collections Training PVCC Shively Room
3:00 PM Depart  
Special Education PVCC White Room
8:00 AM PLC Work
Teachers need to bring:
  • Laptop & charger (optional)
9:00 AM Transition services training with DVR  
11:00 AM Lunch SM/HS Multi-Purpose Room
  Processes, data and continued PLC work PVCC White Room
3:00 PM Depart  
Secondary/K-12 Non-core - all subjects except 7/8 LA - and including K-12 Fine Arts, PE, Foreign Language & CTE Teachers: SM/HS Library
8:00 AM PLC meeting with Noel Manning to discuss purpose of the day  
8:20 AM PLC group work. PLC groups will meet to review curriculum map analysis findings by Noel Manning, as well as begin work on finishing missing curriculum maps, identifying missing standards, and planning shared assessments.  Noel Manning will visit with each group to discuss and develop a plan of action, based on findings.
Teachers need to bring:
  • Laptop & charger
  • Any hard copies of curriculum maps, assessments, or other related materials not already uploaded onto Schoology/needed for curriculum or assessment work
  • List of all textbooks used for content
11:00 AM Lunch SM/HS Multi-Purpose Room
  Continue PLC Group Work SM/HS
3:00 PM Depart  


Virtual Education Software Online Personal Development

Northeast Wyoming BOCES has partnered with VESi to provide online courses that are available for Professional Development Credits.

VESi's online courses for salary advancement and re-certification are affordable, relevant and convenient. Take courses at home or wherever the summer may take you! Click here to view full course listing.

Natrona County Online Personal Development Courses

Natrona County has been running the statewide courses for over a year now and the feedback from participants has been amazing. The content of these courses have been developed by the experts at ASCD and Intel Teach Elements. Both organizations have provided integration of their content into the Natrona County School District (NCSD) professional development site ( to allow group collaboration and course facilitation.

What makes our courses unique?
1) These courses are filled with Wyoming Educators collaborating on quality instruction.
2) These courses are facilitated by Wyoming Teachers (trained online facilitators).
3) These courses are offered for either Wyoming PTSB Credit or University of Wyoming Outreach credit.
4) These courses are affordable. We do charge a $50/credit workshop fee for each non-NCSD participant to offset the cost of course facilitation. (i.e. $100 workshop fee for a 2-Credit Course)

To enroll: Please go to and view the "Registering for Courses" section for more information and a link to the course enrollment system.

Courses are six (6) weeks in duration, are offered fully online, and are offered for two (2) credits each.

Courses we have that are enrollable now and begin in June:

ASCD PD Online Courses:
1) *NEW* ASCD: Sparking Student Creativity
2) *NEW* ASCD: Designing Assessment for Higher Order Thinking
3) ASCD: Where Great Teaching Begins
4) ASCD: Assessment and Student Success in a Differentiated Classroom
5) ASCD: Using Data to Determine Student Mastery
6) ASCD: Classroom Management - Managing Challenging Student Behavior

INTEL Teach Elements Courses:
1) Collaboration in the Digital Classroom
2) Designing Blended Learning
3) Assessment in the 21st Century Classroom
4) Project Based Approaches

*There is a minimum enrollment requirement: A class with less than 15 participants enrolled will be canceled on June 3, 2016.*

CES Offers ed2go Courses

Ed2go courses are highly interactive courses that can be taken completely online. The courses are led by expert instructors, many of whom are nationally known authors. ed2go online courses are affordable, fun, fast, convenient, and geared just for you.

Many ed2go courses are approved for Wyoming PTSB Credit. For more information on ed2go courses and Wyoming PTSB credit please go to PTSB approves ed2go courses.


Click here for a sample of classes offered.

Technology & Innovation in Education

TIE Membership provides professional learning opportunities for all educators. These come in the form of:

Online Workshops - Assignments are posted weekly, but no online meeting times are required. Students are asked to follow the weekly schedule to participate in the discussions in a timely fashion, recognizing that individual schedules sometimes require working ahead or catching up. Graduate credit is available for most TIE online workshops.

Self-Paced Workshops - Participants work through course material individually with their own start and end dates. These workshops offer less dialog and collaboration but provide greater flexibility, which is particularly appealing to self-directed learners. Graduate credit is available for most self-paced workshops (we recommend applying for credit when you are almost finished with the workshop).

Webinars - Live, hour-long, online meetings during which a TIE Learning Specialist presents a current tool or strategy, followed by participant questions and interaction. No credit is available for these learning bites, but sessions are recorded for later viewing.

Casper College Courses Offered

Casper College has partnered with VESi to provide online continuing education courses. Courses offered for 3 or 4.5 CEUs with fees starting at just $195.View full course listings.

Visit PTSB website for other classes/trainings they may offer for renewal credit.

Wyoming Adjunct Professor Incentive

The Wyoming Adjunct Professor Incentive (WAPLR) program was designed to financially assist public school teachers in attaining necessary credentials to become qualified to teach specific college level concurrent enrollment courses.Click here for information about the program, a checklist, and the application. The deadline is September 2, 2016. Additional information can be found on the website. If you are interested, or you have any specific questions please don't hesitate to contract Melissa Donough,
BOCES Coordinator.